Rid Yourself of Experts Exchange

google_custom_searchDo you hate getting Experts Exchange cluttering up your Google search results? A few of my friends and I do. I recently found a Firefox add-on developed by Greg Hosilyk called GoogEEFree. It is a simple search add-on that adds the option to the search bar next to the URL bar. The add-on uses a Google custom search and works like a charm.

GoogEEFree Add-on

Within two days after writing this I had 6 friends on Twitter tell me thank you and that they hate Experts Exchange, while 1 friend basically said I was being lame. I hadn’t realized there were so many other people who despise Experts Exchange. I was also checking my visitor stats the day after posting this and came across this in my stats:

Experts Exchange visits my blog!

I am not sue how they found my post but I couldn’t stop laughing when I found out that someone in the Experts Exchange network visited my blog post on them.

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4 thoughts on “Rid Yourself of Experts Exchange”

  1. @Mark,

    True and thanks for the tip about scrolling to the bottom to see the answer. But… why must Experts Exchange clutter my Google search results and make me scroll down to the bottom of their site to see answers that are sometimes helpful? I would much rather just not deal with them all together.

  2. @Mark,

    I agree with Mike, that’s why I made the custom search. While EE might have some good info, I won’t use their site because 1) they make it a pain for me to scroll to the bottom to see the results and worse 2) the purpose of making me scroll is in order to ‘trick’ me into clicking their link to join. So, it’s on principle that I’ve removed them from my search results.

    Anyway, I just wanted to stop by and tell Mike thanks for the write up, I’m glad that others are finding the addon/search useful, I know I still do. I didn’t know that it had really gotten much attention, I just Googled myself today and found your post. Anyway, thanks Mike.

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