Chrome extensions I’m in love with

Here is my short list of Chrome extensions I’m in love with.

1Password URL shortener

Delicious Tools

Google Voice (by Google)

Web Dveloper

RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) via @snay2


Please, PLEASE! let me know of other “can’t live without extensions for Chrome.

Google Chrome
Google Chrome

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4 thoughts on “Chrome extensions I’m in love with”

  1. MeasureIt! is one of my must haves. But I do a lot of front end development that requires measuring and making sure everything is where it is supposed to.

  2. @Bryan,

    MeasureIt is a good one. I haven’t been using it because it is soo easy to use the built in screen capture tool in Mac OS X with shift + cmd + 4 to measure stuff. Now that I am using Linux more I will have to add this to my list also. ; ) Thanks for the recommendation!

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