Creating Mac Keyboard Shortcuts

TextMate recently released an update that changed one of my favorite keyboard shortcuts. This event reminded me that Mac OS X has provided a nice way to create your own keyboard shortcut key bindings. To create your own keyboard shortcut for an application, you will need to know the exact name given in the application’s menu.


Creating new keyboard shortcut for changing tab in TextMate:
1. Found action in app menu to assign keyboard shortcut to

2. Open System Preferences

3. View keyboard shortcuts window

4. Click plus button to add new shortcut

5. Click add and celebrate!

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5 thoughts on “Creating Mac Keyboard Shortcuts”

  1. Thanks for this awesome reminder! Users don’t always harness the power of the keyboard :D

    According to the TextMate blog the new shortcut for switching tabs is more in sync with other apps. In fact, Terminal, Chrome, and MacVim, all use the CMD+SHIFT [ ] shortcuts for this. You would probably be better off just getting used to the new shortcut.

  2. @Mike Farmer,
    Thanks for the comment. I understand why they changed the keyboard shortcut but I much prefer using ALT+CMD+ARROW to switch between tabs. It just feels better to me. Because I have fallen so in love with it and the way it feels, I have actually remapped my terminal to also switch between tabs using ALT+CMD+ARROW. Now my browsers, terminal windows, and TextMate all switch tabs the way I like to do it. : )

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