Remove Auto-Complete URL Suggestion on cr-48 Google Chrome OS

The other day I misstyped a URL and now Google Chrome auto suggests the wrong URL every time. To remove this auto suggestion on cr-48

  1. Start typing the URL so it will auto suggest it
  2. Use keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + backspace

Doing this immediately removed the suggestion from my Chrome history on my cr-48 for Chrome OS

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3 thoughts on “Remove Auto-Complete URL Suggestion on cr-48 Google Chrome OS”

  1. Thank you! This worked in Safari for me. I typed in the wrong address one day (by just one letter!) and the wrong site kept popping up in the auto complete for the URL. This solved it. It deletes the single one you don’t want. Thanks! I wonder if it would work in the auto complete of email addresses (I’ve typed in a couple of slightly wrong ones there too!) If you happen to know, send me a message.

  2. Odd, this doesn’t work for me on the Samsung ARM Chromebook. As soon as I hit Ctrl, it does something to the URL suggestions (whether I press it before or after the Alt), and then Backspace does nothing after that…

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