Old School Style Retweets Via Kynetx App

Twitter came out with a new web interface… great! Ooooh! A retweet button. Wait!! What is this? Gah!

I think the native retweet is great sometimes and other times it just doesn’t fit. I got really sick of doing the copy and paste dance so I built a Kynetx app that adds the “RT” functionality that I want. The RT doesn’t automatically get sent out because often times I need to shorten up ┬ábecause it doesn’t fit within the 140 character limit.

Action shots

RT button:

After clicking RT button:

Get the Google Chrome or Firefox extensions below

Download Chrome Extension

Download Firefox Extension

Download Internet Explorer Extension

You can view the code that runs this app along with a short explanation on how it works over at http://kynetxappaday.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/day-32-old-school-twitter-retweet/

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8 thoughts on “Old School Style Retweets Via Kynetx App”

  1. Just wanted to say thank you for this extension. One of the features that was sorely missing from the new twitter. I love tweetcaster on my G2 because it leaves the old-style RT as an option. I disliked using twitter.com from my computer, due to the lack of this feature. You just made my twitter experience from my computer fun again.

  2. Hi, i installed it on Chrom (easily), and Firefox (with a little difficulty). But mainly use Twitter on Internet Explorer. Will you have one for it. Haven’t tried it yet but looks like exactly what I want. Often times when I RT something I want to add a hashtag or a comment, and now I can. Thank you so much for making my life easier. If only there was one for IE. Pretty please :- (

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  4. Hi, I was overjoyed to see you have an extension for IE. I installed it, but it doesn’t appear when I hover. So I thought maybe an older one I’d installed–and now doesn’t work with New Twitter–was causing a problem. So I un-installed that and re-installed yours. Still no RT button. I checked my add-ons, and it’s there. What’s wrong. Could it be my IE version? HELP! I really need to RT. The Retweet has it’s uses, but not being able to RT means I can’t easily:
    1-Add a comment to engage with the original poster (or even the re-poster).
    2-Add a hashtag to direct it towards a stream.
    3- Re-post one of my own tweets with same link (let’s say) with different text.
    4- Let someone I know that what they Retweeted was valuable to me. Retweeting says that to a total stranger.

    For the above reasons, not being able to RT has really put me off Twitter. I think there is a need for both forms of sharing.
    Thank you

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