Jumping Into Podcasting

Recently attended Podcamp SLC and had a great time. Got to learn a bit about podcasting and wanted to try it out. In this episode I talk about podcamp, codecamp, erlang, Kynetx impact conference, Needle, Utah Python user group, Kynetx free lunch friday, AT&T buying T-mobile, Looking for the Good, Kindle, following too many people on Twitter. Click the link below to start listening now.

2011-03-20 Mike Grace podcast – Click to listen

Look forward to any comments or feedback people might have : )

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2 thoughts on “Jumping Into Podcasting”

  1. I just listened to this (downloaded it the other day, but just got around to listening).

    Your idea about a Kynetx app for figuring out who is the most important to follow on Twitter reminds me of a talk given by Hilary Mason, “How to Replace Yourself with a very small shell script”



    She has done some potentially related things for managing her email.

    She also gave an interesting keynote at PyCon that I was able to catch online.

    BTW, I’ve considering getting into podcasting/screencasting, you might serve as a good catalyst and example in this.

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