Standing Desk Impressions – First Week

Some of you may have seen a photo or know that I have been trying out standing at my desk recently. Here are some of my thoughts after a week.


  • Love how it has improved my posture. Feels great for my back and my shoulders.
  • I don’t slouch like I did in a chair. No more resting my elbow on the chair or my desk.
  • Can’t get as sleepy as I could sitting in a chair.
  • Feels like I have better blood flow and generally feel more active.
  • Legs and feet get sore after a while.
  • Would be really great to have a tall stool to rest my legs and feet throughout the day.
  • I’ve heard that a padded mat will help some with the feet hurting.
  • I find myself wanting to continue to stand at my desk even when my feet and legs are tired.
  • Many people within WCG and outside WCG on my social networks have either asked questions or shared their love for standing at their desk.


  • Based on reactions and questions, I think there is a lot of interest both internally to WCG and outside of WCG for working at a desk while standing.
  • I believe that standing at my desk has made me somewhat more productive in my work day because I don’t get as sleepy and I feel more active throughout the day.
  • I also believe that I continue to want to stand at my desk because of how good my posture feels standing at my desk versus sitting.
  • Working at a desk may not be feasible for everyone since it does put a fair amount of stress on the feet and legs. Some may be able to stand for longer periods at a time than others. I think the key for some will be to have a tall stool so they can gradually work up to standing and working for long periods of time.

The next step for me is to get a tall stool to be able to rest my feet and legs throughout the day as they get tired. I may also want to look into a standing pad to reduce the stress on my feet. Standing has been worth the effort and I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their posture and their general health while at work.   Update 02/10/2012 I upgraded my setup to something a bit more sophisticated but still makeshift : )

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10 thoughts on “Standing Desk Impressions – First Week”

  1. This is a great write up Mike. I’ve been looking at doing this for a while. Can you tell me more about the boxes on the desk, did you measure, is there an optimum height to place the keyboard and mouse, and monitor? Thanks for sharing.

  2. Awesome! Glad you’re liking it. I’ve been standing at mine for… shoot, 6 months or so now? My wife worked at Roberts and managed to snag a few standing pads for me to use and it makes a big difference on your feet. I bought one from Amazon previously and it wasn’t so hot. I find it a necessity so keep looking until you find one.

    I also bought a tall chair to sit in throughout the day off and on. I’m probably 75% standing 25% sitting depending on the day. I think you’ll like doing this pretty permanently and will get the needed accessories to make it work just right.

  3. Do you find that you are better able to focus? It also seem like you wouldn’t be able to have lots of distractions on your desk with all those boxes.

    Do you dance more to your music while standing as well? Maybe do a little jig in between coding this or that?

  4. “I don’t slouch like I did in a chair. No more resting my elbow on the chair or my desk.”

    Hmm, I was slouching *and* resting my elbow on my desk while I read this. Maybe it’s time I gave the standing desk a try. I have a feeling I wouldn’t make it past day one though.

  5. I had a standing desk for several years (but not in my last two office moves). I enjoyed it for many of the same reasons you’ve mentioned.

    One suggestion for the tired legs and feet – find something (a small box or step stool works well) to rest one foot on. Alternate resting one foot at a time during the day.

  6. Have you researched the long-term effects? I thought I read that a mix is best, that standing all the time in one position can stress the calf muscles. Stool should solve this.

  7. I traded my desk in for a workbench last summer at work and at home. My monitor sits on the top shelf and is at a better distance than it was on my desk. I picked up an anti-fatigue mat at the hardware store for $24. I haven’t had any problems with legs or feet getting sore. If you do, you might try shoes with more padding (when I worked in a restaurant in college, I wore nurse’s shoes). Most of the shoes they peddle now don’t provide the right support for your feet. I also put on lively music and “dance” as much as I can while typing. That also keeps my energy level up and makes it easier to focus on my work. I probably sit less than 2 hours a day now.

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