Copy And Paste Ninja Skills With Jumpcut

Copy and paste is awesome. What’s even more awesome is having copy and paste history that is easy to use.

Bring in Jumpcut to your workflow and you will be pasting with efficiency like never before.

Often times I will have multiple things to copy and paste so instead of going back and forth between documents or applications I copy multiple items and then use the jumpcut history to paste all the pieces over. Be sure to set and learn the keyboard shortcut for using jumpcut. Will change the way you view your clipboard on your Mac.

jumpcut modal
Jumpcut modal activated by keyboard shortcut

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4 thoughts on “Copy And Paste Ninja Skills With Jumpcut”

  1. You and I think so much a like. This should be integrated into OS X in my opinion. Minimal and does the job way better than anything else.

  2. haha! Yes! You were the one that showed me jumput years ago. It has become such a natural part of my daily workflow that I thought I would write a post about it. Would be great to have it integrated into OS X. Thanks for stopping by the blog :)

  3. Ah man! My developer life changed forever the day you showed me this over 2 years ago! Dunno what life would be like without Jumpcut. Dark & Sad probably. :)

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