2012 Toyota Prius Plugin – First Tank

I’ve had the car long enough now to fill up the tank once. Here are some of the numbers and calculations to go with the first tanks worth of driving.

Driving: 895 miles (366 gas + 517 electric)

Gallons of gas: 7.805

Kilowatt hours of electricity: 107

Tank miles per gallon: 46.89

Tank miles per kilowatt hour: 4.83

Total fuel cost: $30.76 = $20.29 gas + $10.47 electric
(7.805g * $2.599/g) + (107kwh * $0.097883/kWh)
Took an average of the 2 rates from our electric company ($.088594 per kWh [first 600 kWh] and $0.107172 [remaining kWh])

Fuel cost per mile: $0.055 gas & $0.02 electric

Combined fuel cost per mile: 3.4 cents

Fuel economy extrapolated out to 100k miles of similar driving: $3,437
($0.0343687150837989/mile * 100,000 miles)

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