Must Have Writing Tools of 2015 For a Non-writer

With just a few free tools, you can publish copy and write content with confidence. With these must have writing tools of 2015, you can catch at least a few mistakes and save a bit of embarrassment. The best part? They are both free!

1. Grammarly


2. Hemingway Editor


Bonus: Install the Grammarly browser extension and it will work on your writing while you type it out on the Hemingway Editor! #FTW!


There are lots of things around the web that I would like to pin on Pinterest but there are no images to pin! Have you gotten sick of seeing alerts like this?

I have built the very simple Pinterize bookmarklet!

It’s a simple bookmarklet that allows you to inject an image from the web into the page that you want to pin. Works on the same principle as the Pinterest bookmarklet.

Get it here ->

You’ve been Pinterized!

Craigslist Inliner Kynetx App Update

Is there a better way to view listings on Yes! Is it easy to use? Yes!

Today I released an update to my Craigslist inliner Kynetx app that I released some time ago. This new update allows anyone to view a page of craigslist posts by their images. If you have ever thought to yourself that you just want to view all of the images then here is your answer.

Install the app by visiting

The other viewing mode, for those who are curious, loads each listing “inline” in an i-frame so you can just scroll down through the page to view all of the listings.