using images?

Is it just me thinking this or is really using product images from Maybe they are both using images from the same source? Who owns the image? album art

Pandora Album Art
Pandora Album Art Screenshot


Amazon product

Amazon product image

Amazon Album Art Screenshot
Amazon Album Art Screenshot


I’m curious as to where this original image came from and the licensing on it. Each song on has a link to purchase the song on Amazon so maybe they have a deal with Amazon to use the images? I can’t find anything on the web about this though and would love to see if you can find anything out. Let me know in the comments below.

Dropbox File Versions Lost On Folder Name Change

I Love Dropbox! I love that as I save files, dropbox saves each version that I save so I can revert or view an older version. I recently ran into a ‘gotcha’ with file versions. I renamed a folder with a lot of files in it within my dropbox folder. I later needed to view previous versions on the folder but they were gone since the folder name changed. Noooo!!! Get around this by telling to show deleted files and find the folder under the previous name.

You will then be able to go into that deleted folder and view the revision history for the file. I’m not sure how long dropbox keeps deleted files but they are kept long enough that I was able to get what I needed.

Make Your Content Pinterest Pinable

Found a great motivational post, “Fail Upwards“, that I wanted to put on my motivation board on Pinterest. Clicked my “Pin it” bookmarklet to pin the post but was greeted with this sad message:

pinterest pinable fail

If you want your content to be sharable on the booming social sharing site, Pinterest, then include a related and cool looking image to go with it! … or just include a cool photo ; )

Happiness And Joy Is Your Responsibility

This blog post isn’t so much about programming or the technical stuff I deal with day to day but I feel that it is important enough to share it here. If these two videos are not viewable on your device I apologize.

The next video is on the New York Times Opinions Page. I don’t agree with A.C. Graylings statement that there is not God but I like the rest of what he says. You can read about it and watch it at