Your Webinar Is A Waste (Or Is It?) – Podcast

We discuss our experiences with webinars and why we love them or hate them. Should you do a webinar? Is it effective? What alternatives are there? What should you do if you find yourself thinking you should do a webinar? Enjoy episode 3 of the 42rev podcast by watching the youtube video, listening to the audio file below, or subscribe to the podcast on iTunes

Do you love the webinar or hate it?

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Measure All The Things – Podcast

We shipped again! In our 2nd podcast, we talk about the importance of measuring everything you can, drilling into the data, and comparing your measurements to your goals and business KPIs. Enjoy!

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Podcast Episode 2

I really need to get my podcast into a place where people can subscribe to it easily but until then this will work.

This weeks podcast I get to have Mike Farmer on the show and we talk about
Kynetx Impact Conference
Kynetx employee layoffs
– Geeks and their hobbies

2011-03-30 Mike Grace podcast – Click to listen