Advice for a Defcon Virgin


This year will be my very first year attending the Defcon conference over in Las Vegas, Nevada and I am very excited. To make the experience just perfect, I am asking for advice in many different places and compiling what I learn here. I will also do a postmortem to evaluate what was the most useful advice at the end of the event. So let me know what I should bring and what I should leave at home and what I should do to prepare in the comments section. ; )

Tips for attending a Defcon convention/ event

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Browser Security

pwn2own_browsersI have been upset with Google for taking soo long to put out their Apple version of their Chrome browser. After reading an article on ZDNet about the Pawn2Own hacker event maybe I can give Google some slack. :-) I still want my Chrome ASAP if it is as good as the windows version though. Google seems to be heading in the right direction with their sandbox model for their browser. I am sad that Apple has done so little to create road blocks for hackers but I guess that is expected when you have such a low market share. Now go and read the article and make your own decision on what browser you are going to use. Questions for Pwn2Own hacker Charlie Miller