How To Rename Mac Terminal Tabs

I’ve been running a lot of terminal windows lately and getting lost in all the tabs has been annoying. I started searching for a solution and figured out that it’s super easy to rename the tabs in the terminal for Mac OS X! While on a terminal tab just use the keyboard shortcut of cmd + i to pull up the inspector window and then rename it. Easy!

Unnamed terminal tabs:

Menu option to bring up inspector:

After using cmd + i to bring up Mac Terminal Inspector:

After renaming tabs in Terminal:

If when you bring the inspector window up with cmd + i and the focus isn’t in the “Title” input, you can use shift + cmd + i to put the focus there. You can then press enter to apply the title change or just press escape to apply the title change and close the inspector.

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Key Based Authentication for SSH

What is key based authentication for ssh?

keyKey based authentication for SSH is a way to connect remotely to another computer/server using an encrypted file you HAVE and an optional password you KNOW to unlock the file. Key based authentication has the advantage of being more secure and/or more convenient.


Password based authentication:
Logging in via password over SSH encrypts your password so it ends up looking like this:
..t-:p.%.E.{..E..X7.@.@.~....s..............NXP...{W..!8..;.eh9..N......#....q..1f...:...D9R0 zy
Because the password is encrypted, it won’t be seen in plain text over the wire which is good. If the password is short or simple enough, a hacker will be able to crack your password. Assuming the password is good enough, password based authentication’s strength comes from keeping that knowledge from others.

Key based authentication allows you to connect remotely using an encrypted file as a key instead of a password. Key based authentication gives you the option to Continue reading Key Based Authentication for SSH

Level Out Podcast Volume Tool


Ever wonder how to level sound volume on a recording or podcast? The Levelator is a super simple application for Mac or Windows to level out sound volumes on a podcast recording. Mike Farmer and I use it for our podcast over at and it works wonders for the times when we accidentally move away from the microphone. It’s free and it works great so what are you waiting for? Go download it from their site at