Google Buzz Keyboard Shortcuts

Buzz Keyboard Shortcuts

Mute – m
Next – n
Previous – p
Like – shift + L
Respond – r (comment)
Open – o (expand comments)
Goto Buzz (while @ – g b

Enable Google Buzz Keyboard Shortcuts

* If you already have keyboard shortcuts enabled for you Gmail then you are good to go!


1) Login to Gmail
2) Navigate to “Settings”
3) Navigate to “General” tab (Should go there by default)
4) Toggle radio button on for “Keyboard shortcuts on”
5) Save Changes
6) Reload page (I’m guessing this is needed to load shortcut script)
7) Give your mouse the cold shoulder!

A Solution For Sharing Your Geodata on Buzz

Sharing very accurate geodata on a public Google Buzz stream is a bit unnerving especially when you are “Buzzing” from home.

So what if I still want to share my location but not let the whole world know where my front door step is?

Why not have an option to let the user choose the accuracy of the geodata being shared?

There is already the option to not include the data or to choose a known location on Google maps, like my local police department, but that’s not enough.

Why not have an option to share your location as the center of town.

Currently if you want a solution like this, you can select a location that is near you but not your front door step.

I hope to see better control over location sharing in Google Buzz in the future.

Until that time I am going to disable automatic sharing of my location and choose when to share.

What do you think about sharing your geolocation?

Why or why don’t you share it?

Do you have an idea to solve this problem?

Buzz Is About Conversations

Some people have been sticking their noses up at the latest release of Google Buzz. While I agree that there are many things that need changing and improvement, I also think they might not have taken the time to actually use Google Buzz long enough to understand it’s strengths. I have found through my few days of experience that Buzz is all about conversations, and conversations is what it does best. When viewing the Buzz stream in Gmail, comments show up real time and allows for a real conversation. I have been able to have fun and quick conversations with some of my Twitter friends that wouldn’t have happened on Twitter, or at least not the same way.

I have also been impressed to see Buzz pulling my flickr photos intelligently into my buzz stream. I had 3 photos of our new front door being replaced on flickr that I posted via 3 separate tweets and all 3 got grouped together in the same buzz.

With the way Buzz facilitates conversation and does some intelligent work with managing other social network data, I really think Buzz will become a powerful player in the social networking world.