Tweet Filter Kynetx App

This is another Kynetx App that I have built to enhance the web interface. This app allows you to hide or highlight tweets based on words found in each tweet. The app also remembers your list of word between each use. Just add a list of words separated by commas with no spaces and click update!

Demo video:

Download Chrome Extension

Download Firefox Extension

Foul Fowl Control Kynetx App For

I have long longed for the ability to not see foul language in my Twitter stream. Why I didn’t think to create a Kynetx app before now to do this very thing is beyond me. Today a friend of mine on Twitter mentioned that he also wished there was a way to filter or hide foul language in tweets so I decided I would build this app. I decided to build the app so that it would replace foul words with asterisks instead of just hiding the tweet from the tweet stream, which I could build another app to do or I could have a setting to change the functionality. I also don’t have a way for new words to be censored other than you contacting me and asking me to add a word to the list. I don’t really want an inbox full of foul language but if you see that my app has missed something that you think should be hidden then let me know via twitter or email and I’ll probably add it.

I’m not going to show before and after action shots but I can show you how the app behaves when I was testing it with a list of random words:

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If you are interested in seeing the code that makes this app work the way it does, you can check it out over at

Minimal One True Fan

I am a BIG fan of One True Fan. Maybe even “the” one true fan of One True Fan. ; )


I’ve noticed recently that I have been hiding the One True Fan bar a lot for various reasons. I really love the bar but I don’t always want to see it, but at the same time I always want it to be there. So… I built a Kynetx app that solves my problem and maybe others will find it useful also.

Minimal One True Fan is a Chrome and Firefox Extension that

  1. looks for the One True Fan bar on the page
  2. hides the bar
  3. takes the checked in status button and places it in the bottom left corner of the page
  4. clicking on the status button will bring the bar back

See the Minimal One True Fan Kynetx app and the One True Fan extensions in action!

Download Chrome Extension

Download Firefox Extension

Update 01/04/2011

Updated the app to also show the avatar of the current One True Fan of the current site because who doesn’t love to see if they are the One True Fan? : D

Screen shot 2011-01-04 at 12.13.24 PM

Remove Auto-Complete URL Suggestion on cr-48 Google Chrome OS

The other day I misstyped a URL and now Google Chrome auto suggests the wrong URL every time. To remove this auto suggestion on cr-48

  1. Start typing the URL so it will auto suggest it
  2. Use keyboard shortcut ctrl + alt + backspace

Doing this immediately removed the suggestion from my Chrome history on my cr-48 for Chrome OS