How To Create Best PowerPoint

I was recently shown the best powerpoint presentation I have ever seen. It happens to be a powerpoint about powerpoint presentations entitled “Death by PowerPoint”. Any one wanting to improve their PowerPoint presentations or just wanting a good laugh should take a moment and read through the presentation shared on

Spezify – Serving Up Search Fresh

spezifySpezify does a good job of representing search results visually and it’s kind of fun. The big thing I like about Spezify is the navigation response with the keyboard arrow keys. Try it! Left… right… up & down. Maybe if the results returned more of one kind of result based on the direction you navigated instead of just loading more results, it would be more useful. Example: If I do a search and I want to see what people are saying about the latest whatever, I’ll probably be searching for tweets. So, if tweets are shown above the middle of the returned search result screen, when I navigate up, I would expect the engine to return more tweet results rather than a potpourri of media and sites. Overall, I like what they have done but I think it needs a bit more work before it will actually get used for a lot of searching.


Website review project now LIVE!

Screenshot on 2009-06-29 at 11.55.40 PM

Website Design & Usability Review Project!!!

For over a year now I have had the idea and the desire of creating a website reviewing website designs and their usability to help improve my own understanding of good design and usability practices. I could have just done it on my own and written it down in a notebook but that’s nearly as fun as creating a site and sharing my thoughts and findings with others. I am currently a student at BYU – Idaho and I just switched my major from Business Management to Computer Information Technology and I have loved every minute of it since.

I am sure that there will be those who agree with my opinions and those who don’t and I am excited about that. This site is all about learning and improving design and usability and I look forward to everyone’s feedback and participation.

I don’t claim to be a design or usability expert by any means. If you don’t agree with what I say then speak up and let me know and lets learn together. The only content on this blog I claim to be my own are the written rewiews unless otherwise noted in the post. All other content such as this gallery WordPress theme, designs of sites reviewed, etc. are not my work but the work of others and all copyrights are retained by their respective creators/owners. Above all, if there are any problems with copyright infringement or you have questions regarding any content on this site please contact me.

Special thanks to

Chris Wallace – Awesome designer and WordPress Guru who made this theme available for free use

Eleven2 – Best web hosting I have used yet and the guys running the place rock!

My wife for encouraging me to do what I love to do… and bring home the bacon. ; )

Check out the project!