Christmas ’09 Wish List

My family has been bugging me to share with them what exactly it is I am wanting for Christmas surprises so I thought i would appease. Besides wanting to be graduated, a have a job on the west coast to start paying off student loans here is what I would find exciting to have this Christmas. You can check out the complete list on at

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My First Podcast!!

Technology For Learning

I have officially entered the world of Podcasting! The podcast is about technology and learning and incidentally enough, is hosted at I am privileged to be able to co-produce the podcast with a good friend of mine, We both have a lot of fun being geeks and really digging into technology and what it means for us today and how it will impact us in the future. We are both amateurs and don’t have any formal voice training but we do love what we do. So, if you would like to join in on the fun and the conversation subscribe to the podcast and tune in each week as we review current technology and how it applies to learning.

8 Year Old Class All with iPod Touches

I am totally geeking out about this! Found the link through a fried on Twitter and I think it illustrates the power of giving young children the tools to each learn at their own pace. They also are a bit more motivated and excited about being able to use such a cool piece of technology.

Share Your Thoughts

?? Would you want your child to have an iPod touch as one of their learning tools in school? What can you see as some of the advantages or drawbacks with having this type of approach with our kids and their learning?

Basic Intro to ActionScript 3

intro actionscript 3Finally! I found a really well done, easy to understand, and polished how to video series on ActionScript 3 and Flash. The video series starts at the very beginning and shares how-to in 5 minute clips. I am really glad Adobe and Doug Winnie put this series together.

?? Have you found another amazing Flash / ActionScript resource? What was the best thing you did to learn ActionScript?? Let us know! : D