Publishing and Sharing Google Analytics Certification Certificate

Passed the Google Analytics and want to share with the world your results? Here is how you can find and publish your certificate for anyone to view.

How to:

1. Log into your account at

2. Navigate to “Manage Test Records”

3. Add a new test record

4. Add details to new test record

5. Confirm test details in preview

6.  Save test record

7. View record details

8. Copy test record link and share with the world

Final results and what the world sees when you share the link

Original instructions from Google back in October 2009

Personalizing Google Analytics

Since I passed the Google Analytics individual qualification test I have been working to make the data captured in GA more actionable. I have found custom dashboards to be a great way to pull out the information that is useful to me at a glance. Note that this doesn’t replace digging through the data and asking new questions about your customers.

Not sure what you could put in a custom Google Analytics dashboard? Check out this blog post by on 10 useful Google Analytics custom dashboards.

How Long Does Google Latitude Keep My Location History?

Hard Drive


Once you enable Location History, it stores your location history for as long as it’s enabled. You may disable Location History at any time to stop storing your locations moving forward. You can also delete your past history entirely, by date range, or by individual location.