Connecting ESPDUINO (ESP-13) to Arduino IDE was the most helpful place to start. You need to

  • open the Arduino IDE
  • Open ‘Preferences’ menu under ‘File’
  • Add the url to the ‘Additional Boards Manager URLs’ input box
  • click ‘OK’
  • open menus ‘Tools’ -> ‘Board’ -> ‘Boards Manager’
  • find the esp8266 by searching in search filter input
  • Click the esp8266 and click install

You should then be able to connect to and upload sketches to the espduino board.

Tools For Entry Level Social Images

Not every business has the money to have a designer create well designed images for each social post and blog post. Thankfully, there are some really nice tools available on the cheep for individuals and companies looking to edge up their game when posting online. Here are a few to get you started: