Upcoming Kynetx Impact Conference

I’m really excited about the upcoming Kynetx Impact conference. I’m going to be there and really look forward to the great speakers and all of the incredible information that is going to be flowing through everyone. I believe that this is the future of the web. Check out some of these videos to get some more insight into what the live web means and what Kynetx Impact conference is going to be. You can sign up and check out the agenda at http://impact.kynetx.com/

Closet Stats Junkie

Here is my public admission that I am a bit of a stats junkie. I LOVE NUMBERS AND DATA! As one of my good buddies would say…


Reasons why I think I am addicted to stats:

  1. I love tracking statistics within my applications to know what is going on
  2. Built my own stats API to easily track what my Kynetx apps are doing in JavaScript
  3. I have been checking http://tweetstats.com/graphs/mikegrace for over a year
  4. I installed DD-WRT on my router mostly for the statistical functionality and for geek cred
  5. Built my own round robin style load tracker for my server so I could better understand its load http://status.michaelgrace.info/
  6. I built my own JSON interface to the command line top program to monitor who and what is creating the most load on my server
  7. This blog post by the etsy engineering team about tracking everything made me drool http://codeascraft.etsy.com/2011/02/15/measure-anything-measure-everything/
  8. Even though I didn’t really enjoy the homework, I absolutely loved my statistics class in college.
  9. Sites like onetruefan.com that give me stats about what I do on the web make my geeky heart beat faster
  10. Purchased a wall plug that would tell me stats on how much electricity my different appliances use

As you can see I am fairly addicted to numbers and stats and I haven’t even listed everything here.  I wish that more stuff was webhook enabled so I could gather meaningful statistics and build cool apps that tied more of my ‘stuff’ together in meaningful ways like Kynetx envisions. Here is to a future where life is made better and more interesting through the application and correlation of meaningful data.

Life At A Startup

Before I get started let’s get 2 points out in the open:

1) Yes, at the time of this blog post I am unemployed.

2) Kynetx is still kickin butt and taking names. Kynetx FTW!

Yesterday morning I found out that I no longer had a job at Kynetx as Kynetx was shifting to plan B. Any good startup worth their salt always has a plan B and Kynetx is executing that plan B. In Steve Fulling’s own words, “failed bridge financing. Re-aligned staffing to revenue. We’re open & okay”. I’m bummed out that I don’t get to be a part of that plan B execution but I have known since the day I joined the team that this was always a possibility and I have absolutely no regrets about joining the Kynetx team. One of my best friends, Michael Farmer, expresses my feelings better than I could over on his blog post at http://michaelfarmer.info/people-thought-i-was-crazy

While the last 48 hours have been a roller coaster of an emotional ride, my wife and I are very excited for the future and all of the possibilities that it holds. I am overflowing with gratitude and love for everyone on the Kynetx team family. I have grown tremendously as an individual and as a developer while working at Kynetx and have learned so very much from all the extremely smart and talented team. I gladly welcome any future opportunities to work with anyone on the team and highly recommend each one of them.

Here’s to an exciting future.

oh! And what blog post from me about Kynetx would be complete without some “Grace faces” that have become somewhat legendary within the Kynetx team.


Several of my co-workers have also blogged about the recent change at Kynetx and they are all a good read.

Mike Farmer -> http://michaelfarmer.info/people-thought-i-was-crazy

Q Wade Billings -> http://scramswitch.blogspot.com/2011/02/one-of-my-favorite-musical-artist-is.html

Sam Curren -> http://www.mostlybaked.com/changing-sails

Jessie Morris -> http://www.jessieamorris.com/content/so-long-and-thanks-all-fishing-lessons

Phil Windley -> http://www.windley.com/archives/2011/02/starting_a_high_tech_business_making_hard_decisions.shtml

Alex Olson -> [broken link] http://www.alexkolson.com/2011/03/01/reduction-in-force/

Also, a friend/fan of Kynetx has also blogged about his thoughts on the recent events

Holden Page -> http://pagesaresocial.com/2011/02/28/extending-best-wishes-kynetx/

Growl Notifications For Yammer.com Website

I have tried many different applications for Yammer and they all disappoint. I recently started using the website and found it to be MUCH better than any client I have tried yet. The biggest failing point for the website is the lack of growl notifications to let me know I have a new Yam waiting for me to see. This is the reason I created the “Growlin Yammer” Kynetx app that uses Notify.io

You will need to install Desktop Notifier app linked to at http://www.notify.io/ and my Kynetx app will walk you through getting setup what it needs to run. Once everything is setup and running, you can click the ‘test’ link created by the Kynetx app to make sure everything is working

Download Chrome Extension

Download Firefox Extension