Jumping Into Podcasting

Recently attended Podcamp SLC and had a great time. Got to learn a bit about podcasting and wanted to try it out. In this episode I talk about podcamp, codecamp, erlang, Kynetx impact conference, Needle, Utah Python user group, Kynetx free lunch friday, AT&T buying T-mobile, Looking for the Good, Kindle, following too many people on Twitter. Click the link below to start listening now.

2011-03-20 Mike Grace podcast – Click to listen

Look forward to any comments or feedback people might have : )

My First Podcast!!

Technology For Learning

I have officially entered the world of Podcasting! The podcast is about technology and learning and incidentally enough, is hosted at http://technologyforlearning.info I am privileged to be able to co-produce the podcast with a good friend of mine, http://michaelfarmer.info. We both have a lot of fun being geeks and really digging into technology and what it means for us today and how it will impact us in the future. We are both amateurs and don’t have any formal voice training but we do love what we do. So, if you would like to join in on the fun and the conversation subscribe to the podcast and tune in each week as we review current technology and how it applies to learning.

Level Out Podcast Volume Tool


Ever wonder how to level sound volume on a recording or podcast? The Levelator is a super simple application for Mac or Windows to level out sound volumes on a podcast recording. Mike Farmer and I use it for our podcast over at http://technologyforlearning.info and it works wonders for the times when we accidentally move away from the microphone. It’s free and it works great so what are you waiting for? Go download it from their site at http://www.conversationsnetwork.org/levelator