Rage Of The Submit Button

I just noticed this morning that Facebook got rid of the submit button on comments. Not sure where else they might have also done this but I love it!

I like this trend of getting rid of submit buttons. Done right I think it makes interfaces cleaner, simpler, and easier. With mobile devices I still think it is better to give a submit button on forms but for desktop versions I love this lack of submit buttons. I find it interesting that Google has kept their search button even when Google Instant is enabled.

That’s all. Just my thoughts on the matter. ; )

Product Search User Interface Demo

Demo Screenshot

Working with limited space and needing both a basic and advanced search I came up with this design. The search happens automatically much like Google instant search as you type. What I like about the design:

  • large input and “[Product Search Results]” in results area lets user know that it is a search and that it searches products
  • The “basic” and “advanced” buttons are placed in a way that associates them with the search input letting the user know that clicking them will change the type of search being done
  • Visual separation of search input and search output
  • No unneeded search button or title to tell the user what it is since it’s parts and design say what it is.

What I am worried about:

  • Some users might not like the lack of a search button (Google still has their search button even with google instant enabled)
  • Making assumptions where I shouldn’t have

This is just a simple demonstration of what I have come up with and would love your feedback. What do you like about it? What do you hate? How would you do it differently? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @MikeGrace

Check out the demo now if you haven’t! -> http://mikegrace.s3.amazonaws.com/geek-blog/sandbox/search-example.html

Super Search Thingy Is Alive!!!

With a bit of free time I’ve had lately being unemployed, I was able to work on this project and finish it. I’m very happy to have it done and working so well.

What is it?

It’s a keyboard activated search tool for a specific website built to act like the application launcher Alfred App and QuickSilver. I went through each page in the Kynetx documentation site and indexed each page by hand. I didn’t include all pages which I believe makes this a much more powerful search for Kynetx developers. I also assigned key words to each page based on what I thought it should be searchable by. If you have suggestions, let me know because I would love to hear them.

Check out the live demo at http://supersearcher.michaelgrace.org/

If you like it, you are free to use the code in any way that you like. Cheers!

JavaScript Delayed Search Like Google Instant

While working on building a search tool for a documentation site I came up with this demo. I wanted to be able to execute the search much like how Google Instant currently waits for a pause in the users typing to execute the search. This is an example of how I am accomplishing that. You can check out the live demo at


This is what the demo looks like even though the code is the fun part:

Tested on Mac 10.6.6 with Firefox 3.6, Chrome 9.0, Safari 5.0, and Opera 11.01