Keywordicon – Experimental Twitter Kynetx App

Keywordicon is an experimental Kynetx app that I built to modify the interface. It is based on the same code that runs my recently published tweet filter Kynetx app. I thought it would be interesting to annotate each tweet with icons based on key words found in the tweet… thus the name keywordicon (pronounced like favicon but with 33% more syllables). I don’t expect very many people to use it but it’s an interesting concept and it has been fun to use it and see how it changes the way I am able to skim through my tweet stream and stop at places that are interesting to me.

Action shots!

App loaded in meta tray (was going to have settings here but decided to keep it simple w/out settings)

Tweet annotated with keywordicon

See the app in action through moving pictures!

Download Chrome Extension

Download Firefox Extension

Tweet Filter Kynetx App

This is another Kynetx App that I have built to enhance the web interface. This app allows you to hide or highlight tweets based on words found in each tweet. The app also remembers your list of word between each use. Just add a list of words separated by commas with no spaces and click update!

Demo video:

Download Chrome Extension

Download Firefox Extension

Buzz Is About Conversations

Some people have been sticking their noses up at the latest release of Google Buzz. While I agree that there are many things that need changing and improvement, I also think they might not have taken the time to actually use Google Buzz long enough to understand it’s strengths. I have found through my few days of experience that Buzz is all about conversations, and conversations is what it does best. When viewing the Buzz stream in Gmail, comments show up real time and allows for a real conversation. I have been able to have fun and quick conversations with some of my Twitter friends that wouldn’t have happened on Twitter, or at least not the same way.

I have also been impressed to see Buzz pulling my flickr photos intelligently into my buzz stream. I had 3 photos of our new front door being replaced on flickr that I posted via 3 separate tweets and all 3 got grouped together in the same buzz.

With the way Buzz facilitates conversation and does some intelligent work with managing other social network data, I really think Buzz will become a powerful player in the social networking world.

Using Twitter in KRL (Kynetx Rule Language)

I am very excited about the possibilities that this opens up. You can bet that I will be building several applications that use this new feature of Kynetx. Enjoy this how to video by Phil Windley

Twitter in Kynetx Rule Language from Phil Windley on Vimeo.

Twitter uses OAuth to authorize access to individual data. This video screencast shows how to use OAuth and Twitter from within the Kynetx Rule Language (KRL).