Best Countdown for Blog

This is the best free countdown widget that I have seen yet that is easy to configure and put on any blog. Looks good, easy to insert, minimal ads, and its FREE! I don’t use these contdown widgets on my blog very often but sometimes they are really fun to have. Make yours at

countdown widget
countdown widget

Would work well on blogspot (blogger), WordPress, TypePad, and many more.

Twitter on my blog

jQueryI finally made enough time to put a twitter feed on my blog and man does it feel good to have that done. I found a fun jQuery based widget called Juitter that can be found at

I changed some of the functionality and the css in the jQuery functions so it would be a little more compacte and now it is looking great. Really easy to install but if you are wanting to customize it beyond how many tweets show up you are going to need a fair understanding of jQuery.