Insecure Wireless Network Could Get You Arrested or Sued


shocked girlHaving an insecure wireless network makes you liable for arrest or lawsuit! If you have not done all these things listed below to protect your wireless network, take the few minutes it will take to do the basics and DO THEM NOW!!


There is no excuse for not doing all these things
– Change default user name & passwords for routing equipment
– Use strong passwords
– Turn on encryption (WPA2 or better. WEP is hackable in minutes)
– Change default SSID
– Enable firewalls
– Turn off when not in use
– Update router firmware to the latest version


Increases security but may require more time or expertise
– Disable DHCP and assign static IP Addresses
– Filter by MAC address
– Monitor network for intrusions
– Use software to test for network vulnerabilities

handcuffsDid you know that you can be arrested or be sued if your wireless network is insecure? If you have an insecure wireless router at home, someone could use your internet connection to start downloading child pornography, attack the NSA, send spam, release viruses, or hack your own computer and steal your identity! So when the police or NSA come knocking at your door how are you going to prove that you didn’t do it? All that activity will be traced back to your IP address and you will need a really good argument to convince them otherwise. But why waste your time, money, and possibly your identity by not taking a few minutes to secure your network? What about businesses that have wireless networks set up? If a business has an insecure wireless network, hackers can use that to steal information by monitoring the network or compromising computers on that network. If that happens, patients, customers, and employees are all at risk of having their private information stolen. Not good!

Lets step through the basics of what everyone should do to secure their wireless network.

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