Best Domain Registration Site / Service


I have used several different sites and services to register domains. NameGuard is hands down the best domain registration site and service I have ever used. After registering several domains with NameGuard I wonder why I ever used all the other sites out there.


  • FREE Privacy Protection!!!
    • Many other services charge extra, each year, for this service
    • **If you don’t get privacy protection all of your personal information ends up in the whois directory for that domain. Bad!


  • Industry standard pricing on domains
  • accepts paypal or credit card for payment
  • Change DNS name servers at time of registration
  • Extremely fast registration time

NameGuard Advantages
NameGuard Advantages

Even though the girl doesn’t come with every domain name registration, NameGuard provides some of the best services I have seen yet. Click on the girl to read their list of advantages.

This post may seem like I may be making money through some affiliation program but I make nothing from this post other than helping others enjoy the same great benefits of a great domain registration service while protecting their personal contact information