Motorcycle Geek?

There are all sorts of geeks out in the world and I love that. I am a tech geek, education geek, and a motorcycle geek. I am probably a few other things but those seem to be the most dominant at the moment. My wife and I have been looking to get a larger motorcycle for some time now to be able to go on longer rides to places. A larger motorcycle would allow us to actually take some “stuff” and be comfortable traveling several hundred miles. Recently everything has fallen into place and I will be going to pick up a brand new-to-me Honda Goldwing!


I am soo excited I can hardly stand it. This is just as bad as the night before Christmas when I was a kid if not worse. ; ) I can’t stop smiling and I have even paced around a bit. The bike is a 1986 Interstate model with about 47,000 miles on it and from the pictures I got it look like it is in nice condition. While we are talking about motorcycles, let me share with you a “must read” book on motorcycle safety. I have read and reread several time the book titled “Proficient Motorcycling”. Between studying this book, practicing the techniques taught, and attending a motorcycle safety course class every year, my riding has really improved. If you would like your own copy look for the best price at


More updates will be coming after I pick up the bike. We are planning camping trips to Yellowstone, Utah, Star Valley, and a few other fun thing. You will probably have the best luck hearing about those adventures as they happen over at our family blog at