Rid Yourself of Experts Exchange

google_custom_searchDo you hate getting Experts Exchange cluttering up your Google search results? A few of my friends and I do. I recently found a Firefox add-on developed by Greg Hosilyk called GoogEEFree. It is a simple search add-on that adds the option to the search bar next to the URL bar. The add-on uses a Google custom search and works like a charm.

GoogEEFree Add-on<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">GoogEEFree</figcaption></figure>


Within two days after writing this I had 6 friends on Twitter tell me thank you and that they hate Experts Exchange, while 1 friend basically said I was being lame. I hadn’t realized there were so many other people who despise Experts Exchange. I was also checking my visitor stats the day after posting this and came across this in my stats:

Experts Exchange visits my blog!

I am not sue how they found my post but I couldn’t stop laughing when I found out that someone in the Experts Exchange network visited my blog post on them.