Twitter Weekly Updates for 2009-08-17


  • RT @ashlux: The lack of versioning Ubiquity commands bothers me. I imagine that’s something being worked on though. #
  • RT @ElphabaPotter: “Cool Web Thingy” DOESN’T EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE ‘Ubiquity’ by Mozilla. SRLSY, watch the video. #
  • RT @Husker234: I heart Ubiquity. #
  • RT @rdhyee: The Mozilla Labs Jetpack project ( is “an API for allowing you to write Firefox add-ons” more easily. #
  • Love the changes to the creative commons flickr search. Much easier to quickly search through photos now. ; ) #
  • The day I met Mozilla’s Ubiquity #
  • checked out Ubiquity & Jetpack from Mozilla today. Amazing set of APIs. Have really come a long way in the last year! (via @mikefarmer) #
  • RT @theappleblog: Five Ways to Become a Mac Minimalist (@mikefarmer will like this) #
  • AWESOME! i love reducing clutter RT @prestondlee: How to reduce clutter in web design | Graphic Design Blender #
  • New post (#technometria): Sweetter in Ubiquity (via @windley) #
  • RT @mikefarmer: about to work on the M$ stack. Step 1, remove sharp objects within reach. Step 2, warn others of impending outbursts. #
  • Confirmed: it was the fuel pump that was causing the problem with by Goldwing. Now to see if I can fix it until I order a new one. #
  • Bridgemaxx sucks! #
  • Bugs dont last long when they fall in a can of carb cleaner. #
  • Finalized: November 18 – 19 Kynetx developers conference @ Provo, Ut
    Wooohoooo! ; ) #
  • Wohooo! @leolaporte got @twit and is using it to update on live shows starting. Thanks Twitter! #
  • Kynetx Impact Developer’s Conference 2009 – Registration is OPEN! Seats are limited so sign-up soon. (via @kynetx) #
  • floss weekly on was cool. Really look forward to the upcoming shows. ; ) #
  • SUPER COOL! You can make the map better! Happens within minutes. ; ) THE FUTURE IS HERE! ; ) #
  • Roadee for the iPhone! Turn by turn directions for $2!!!!!!!! Using AMAZING!!! ; ) I can’t stop watching @leolaporte! #
  • I had no idea it was left-handers day. wohooo! #
  • Finished updating fresh install of ubuntu and now installing FreeBSD in preparation of launching a linux tutorial site. Very excited! ; ) #
  • hmmmmm… looks like my twitter tool plugin for WordPress is broken. Keeps tweeting my posts without a link. ; ( #
  • Are you geek enough?
    You wish!! ; ) #
  • Am I Geek Enough? #

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