Pre Thanksgiving Fun

The past month has been insane and I have loved all that has happened this last week. I am now officially working for  a company called Kynetx and I am more excited to work than ever! Kynetx is doing amazing things and I really can’t believe that I am a part of it. The people I get to work with are amazing and it blows me away how smart they all are.

I spent the day learning and working on Kynetx code that was my first assignment since joining the team. I sure hope I won’t disappoint. Finally as the final hours of the day were counting down I was helping my wife make the bed when IT happened. Yes! IT happened! What is it? I was throwing the sheets up so I could get them to lay flat on the bed. When on the last throw, I threw them too hard, I hit the ugly glass plate covering our light hanging from the ceiling and it came crashing down. The largest shard was able to somehow maneuver it’s way to my head and connected with whatever sound glass makes when it hits flesh. *{insert sound here}* Once I got the wound covered we were able to clean it up and bandage it enough to get to bed. Here are some photos of the battle wound. Enjoy! ; D

Chicks dig scars right?!  ; )