The Context of a StackOverflow Junkie

I have been having waaaaay to much fun since I got into Kynetx. Many of my friends have been asking me “what does Kynetx do?” and “what is the purpose-centric-context-sensitive web?”. Well, it takes a bit to explain so I’ll show you just a small glimpse of what it all means.

If you love then you know how helpful it can be when you are looking for answers to your programming questions. Why not, if you are a StackOverflow fanatic, have all of your search results  augmented for what you like? Here is a drop dead easy way to tell your browser, “Hey! I really like getting search results for Stack Overflow so bring them to my attention.” Now that is context sensitivity! You can do the same thing for anything you like and it’s easy but the awesomeness doesn’t end there! Search result augmentation is just child’s play compared to what could be done. We are going to be seeing a complete rewrite of the advertising industry as we know it! Now you need to see this in action for yourself. You will need 2 things: 1) a card selector from Azigo 2) the information card for StackOverflow

Mac AzigoLite Card Selector<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">AzigoLite Card Selector</figcaption></figure>

StackOverflow Info card<figcaption class="wp-caption-text">StackOverflow Info card</figcaption>

Install the card selector, import the info card into the Azigo card seloctor and away you go. Now open up Firefox and do a google search for What’s your most controversial programming opinion?

Instead of the plain Google results you are used to, you now get a stack overflow icon to the right of each result that is from a domain!

google_resultsThis was all done with 11 lines of Kynetx code. Like I said before, this is just the beginning. We can write code that can put anything anywhere we want based on what the user wants. I plan on writing a Kynetx app that will place my latest blog posts on the front page of for my parents so they can keep up with what I am doing when they go get their news.

From the beginning, billboards, newspapers, radio, and tv advertising has been a shotgun affair. Advertisers and companies broadcasting their ads to anyone and everyone they could. We, the users, have had to suffer through decades of irrelevant and poorly targeted advertising. Kynetx is bringing to the table the technology needed to turn the tables for all of us to rise up and take control of the advertising that we see. I have come to learn that people don’t really hate advertising, we just don’t like irrelevant and obscene advertising. Blasted advertisements are ineffective mostly because they lack the ability to understand the context of the receiver. If you can get people to willingly subscribe to advertising that they want… well, then you have something! I know this has been short and probably all over the place so let me share one more example that happens to be the first Kynetx app that I wrote.

Being able to keep everyone in a company motivated and tuned into the same goals can be a task to say the least. You could blast out emails, bring it up in meetings and blah blah blah but that sucks and it doesn’t work that great. What if every employee’s browser knew that they were an employee and injected a slide-out tray with the company goals and up to date progress for those goals while they were surfing the web? I wrote a Kynetx app for that! It only shows up on a few domains and allows each employee to see our Key Performance indicators. I also threw in there at the bottom a notification of how many tweets mentioning the company and how many questions had been asked on our stackexchange site since the day before. CONTEXT RULES!

kynetx.comexpandedThis is just the beginning and I have done a terrible job of explaining it to you so I hope you will ask lots of questions and come back for more posts explaining and showcasing the awesome power of the purpose-centric-context-sensitive web.