Thoughts on Personalizing the Web Browsing Experience

Network WorldDave Kearns of Network World recently wrote an article titled “Personalizing the Web browsing experience” where he talked about what he had recently learned from Kynetx and shared his excitement for the future of context sensitivity. I thought it was a good article and wanted to share my thoughts in reply to his article.
“It’s really exciting to think about all the possibilities there are when you can create applications that act proactively based on contextual information that is available. Because the ability to create a contextually sensitive experience is soo new we are only seeing applications that are scratching the surface. We are in, what I like to call, the “baby sitting in a highchair throwing Cheerios” stage. As the concept of building a contextual experience grows and the technology that facilitates that spreads, we will see amazing applications that will blow our minds. The funny thing about all of this is, we will eventually look back on these times and wonder how we ever got stuff done with out context sensitivity.”