A Cleaner Facebook using Kynetx


To avoid a long rant I am just going to say that I have gotten sick of marking advertisements on Facebook as “offensive” only to see more of the ads that I have marked as offensive. Is this a joke or does Facebook just not care or is it something entirely different? I’m not sure but I got sick of it so I took 30 minutes of my time and created a Kynetx application that removes ads from facebook when I use it.

Some of you might be wondering, why not just use adblockplus or a greasemonkey script?

  1. I’m crazy about Kynetx
  2. In 30 min. I had 5 deployment paths
    1. bookmarklet
    2. information card
    3. Firefox Browser Extension
    4. Chrome Browser Extension
    5. IE Browser Extension
  3. I can expand functionality of the application in the future.
  4. There is a profit strategy that I could utilize in the future! \(\)
  5. Deploying updates and Features is instantaneous and easy
  6. Runs from the cloud so Kynetx can pull the plug if it become malicious



[Facebook Library-Test](javascript:(function(){var%20d=document;var%20s=d.createElement(‘script’);s.text=)



Firefox Browser Extension

firefox extension

Chrome Browser Extension


IE Browser Extension