Google Chrome… it just is!


  • I think Google Chrome rocks.
  • So what?
  • Who cares about my opinion?
  • Proof that I’m right.
  • … thanks for telling me about Google Chrome… WAY better than IE…
  • :-)

Google Chrome Icon


I have been a loong time fan of Mozilla’s Firefox web browser, and for many reasons. Firefox has extensions, is clean, standards compliant, has firebug, and a fun logo. I recently started trying out Google’s Chrome because most of my geek friends were raving about it. … and WOW! Talk about fast and clean and well done! I am very impressed with Chrome. Some would ask, “why not just use Safari since they are both about the same?” While they do use the some open source rendering engine, they offer completely different user experiences. Chrome has done browser extensions right, and by right I mean that it’s easy for both the developer and consumer. No need for restarting the browser after instal, building extensions is the simplest out of IE (shudder)/ Firefox/ Safari, and no toolbars allowed! I have also really enjoyed the way the interface is designed. Chrome has stayed clean, simple, and effective for all of my browsing and development needs.



I admit that I am not the average user. I am a geek that lives in a text editor and in the browser so my opinion is greatly skewed and it is even hard for me to trust that my experience will be similar to those who aren’t freaks of the geek.


At sunday dinner, my niece was complaining about their “internet” crashing and freezing while working on the computer. “Who’s your internet provider?”, I asked. “NO. No. no. The internet stops working and crashes” she replied while drawing a computer screen sized box with her pointer fingers. Saving the fact that the browser was being confused for the internet for a later blog post, I told her that IE was just a way to display the contents of the web and that she should download Google Chrome and use that instead.

I didn’t explain where to download it, how to use it, or why it would be better. I really didn’t expect her to find it, install it, and actually use it but I was wrong. Just one day later, today, I got a facebook notice from her with a cute little note that not only blew my socks off, but also confirmed my thoughts on why Chrome has been growing in market share.

“Hey thanks for telling me about Google chrome…WAY better than internet explorer :]

Google! :]”

That little message made my day and may be a big step in my niece becoming a geek.