President Obama Fails to Answer Questions About Healthcare Reform

I was shocked at how well our president answered almost all of these interview questions without actually answering them. I am very concerned about the future of this beloved country.

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Update 03/23/2010

A friend tweeted a blog post by Thomas P.M. Barnett titled The too-smart, too-controlled presidency.

I thought that it voiced what I have been feeling and thinking well so I encourage you to read it but here is a quote from the post from Peggy Noonan of the Wall Street Journal on March 13-14 2010 that I found most interesting.

Barack Obama, who interestingly gets the best treatment in the book–protect those sources!–is not immune [to criticism]. He is smart, “and he not only knew it but wanted to make sure everyone else knew it.” In meetings with aides, he controlled the conversation by interrupting whoever was talking. He is boastful, gaudily confident. Before his 2004 convention speech, a reporter asked him if he was nervous: “I’m LeBron, baby,” he answers. “I got some game.”