Keywordicon – Experimental Twitter Kynetx App

Keywordicon is an experimental Kynetx app that I built to modify the interface. It is based on the same code that runs my recently published tweet filter Kynetx app. I thought it would be interesting to annotate each tweet with icons based on key words found in the tweet… thus the name keywordicon (pronounced like favicon but with 33% more syllables). I don’t expect very many people to use it but it’s an interesting concept and it has been fun to use it and see how it changes the way I am able to skim through my tweet stream and stop at places that are interesting to me.

Action shots!

App loaded in meta tray (was going to have settings here but decided to keep it simple w/out settings)

Tweet annotated with keywordicon

See the app in action through moving pictures!

Download Chrome Extension

Download Firefox Extension