Getting Gamification Right

I’ve always loved playing, learning, and games. It isn’t until the past few years that I’ve really started thinking more about gamification, what it means, how it plays a role in my life, and how I can learn from it to make better products on the web. I can’t remember who, but a friend on Twitter posted a link to a slideshare presentation “Meaningful Play. Getting Gamification Right.”

I went through each slide reading the notes at the bottom and thinking through each slide. I am genuinely impressed by the thought that has gone into this presentation. In a moment of awesomeness, I experienced an aha moment on slide #103. I found the key to understanding something that has left me perplexed since my childhood.

Back when I was younger, I was often charged with doing the dishes. I hated doing the dishes! Or, so I thought that I hated doing the dishes. Several times I had decided that I wanted to surprise my mom and do the dishes without her asking instead of the often, “Michael, will you PLEASE do the dishes?!”. Walking into the kitchen I was excited to do something nice for my mom until I heard, “Will you please do the dishes Michael?”. I was furious and my mom was confused. Even though my mom asked nicely, what changed when she asked that made me so mad? I finally understood today on slide #103. Enjoy! : )

(be sure to go through the slides in full screen)