An Example Of Listening To Your Customers

Today I saw a very good example of a company listening to their customers and getting it right. The company and service, Dropbox recently updated their terms of service, privacy policy, and security overview documents to make them more readable.  Many people online, including one of my close friends, expressed the concern that the changes made it sound like Dropbox was claiming the rights to all files and intellectual property a user uploads to Dropbox.

Here is the good part. Dropbox was actually listening to what people were saying online and participating in the conversation! They were participating in conversations online where people hang out socially. It’s a simple concept but it’s still amazing that many companies haven’t figured it out yet. Dropbox then followed up that listening with an update to their blog post explaining the changes to their terms of service, etc in more detail. Their customers still had concerns about what was explained so a second update was added to the blog post explaining in even more detail what the changes would mean for each user. Go Dropbox!

UPDATE: 07/06/2011

Dropbox reworked the wording in their TOS and posted another blog post and posted also to Twitter ->