Launching 42rev

We did it! Today, my friend James and I publicly announced the launch of 42rev. I’m especially excited about this new venture and the possibilities it presents.

What is 42rev? 42rev is a new company aimed at helping businesses and celebrities with business management, marketing, and technology. Already have an audience that you’re having trouble marketing to? Have a sales funnel that isn’t converting well? Stuck with outdated technology and want to upgrade or need help utilizing what you’ve already got? Want to grow an audience from scratch or better connect to the one you have? These and more is what 42rev is for.

42rev logo

So who is James? I have had the chance to work with James several times over the past 5 years on various projects. We’ve had a lot of fun and I have enjoyed James’ energy, vision, and friendship. James has over 10 years experience starting and running businesses, managing online marketing campaigns in the $Millions, and helping businesses track and optimize their online sales. He is innovative in the ideas he comes up with and is analytical and results oriented. James is also a connector which turns out to be a great blessing to me.

james zolman of 42rev

With James’ strengths in marketing, business, and connecting, and my strengths in technology, listening, and situation assessment, we finally figured out that we could do much more if we joined forces. We both see a need in the market for efficient and authentic marketing and technology. We see many businesses that have incredible vision and passion. Many businesses are unable to execute the marketing and technology to achieve their goals and that is where we can make the difference. We have a vision of helping our clients tool and execute the marketing and technology to make their vision a reality. We have a vision of creating a company full of clients and employees with a passion for shaping the world to make it a better place.

We love what we do and we love getting to work with all sorts of different clients and solving different problems. We live in exciting times in this young age of the internet. So much is changing and improving and growing that, I believe, there has never been a better time to be on the internet making, connecting, and improving the world. We are passionate about making the world a better place and helping our clients do the same. 42rev is one way we believe we can do that. Join us on the journey by subscribing to our newsletter and connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Google.

Bonus! We started our 42rev podcast over on the blog