Fuel Efficiency For 2012 Prius HEV

Second tank on the car! Here are some of the numbers and calculations to go with the second tanks worth of driving. This time I filled up sooner than I did last time. It looks like I did a bit better this time with driving conservatively.

You can check out the raw numbers on my spreadsheet https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HwBsTNKAzO8PoKEtKho5YRi8262yEx5zecYCYuuUct8/edit?usp=sharing

Driving: 779 miles (298 gas + 480 electric)

Gallons of gas: 6.234

Kilowatt hours of electricity: 89

Tank miles per gallon: 47.8

Tank miles per kilowatt hour: 5.39

Total fuel cost: $24.6 = $15.89 gas + $8.71 electric

(6.234g * $2.549/g) + (89kwh * $0.097883/kWh)

Took an average of the 2 rates from our electric company ($.088594 per kWh [first 600 kWh] and $0.107172 [remaining kWh])

Fuel cost per mile: $0.053 gas & $0.018 electric

Combined fuel cost per mile: 3.16 cents

Fuel economy extrapolated out to 100k miles of similar driving: $3,157

($0.0315789473684/mile * 100,000 miles)