Idea For Improving 3D Printing Slicer Config Sharing

Being new to 3D printing I’m constantly fiddling with my slicing settings. From one print to the next and from one filament to another, I’m constantly trying new settings. I think it would be nice to have a simple way to share and save the configurations used for each print that I and others can reference when I share my finished prints. My idea is to use a slicer’s settings export feature to save those settings and then associate them with the finished print online. I’ve been using both Slic3r and Cura and I share some of my prints online at Thingiverse. I’m thinking of an automated way to push the config file to something like Github’s Gist servece and then converting the raw settings file to something human readible like markdown that can then be posted into the description of the print on Thingiverse. Would be cool to see plugins for slicers that do this sort of thing automatically.