Approve New WordPress Users Plugin

For my family blog I want to be able to allow family and friends to sign up to get access easily. I also don’t want a bunch of spam bots and people I don’t know to have access to the blog. This is why I recently started using the New User Approve WP plugin by Josh Harrison.

The plugin is super simple and worked right out of the box. Now I am able to approve or delete users before they have access and I love it. Thanks Josh for your great work!

WordPress Newsletter Plugin

I’ve been thinking about doing a newsletter for my personal blog for about a year now. I have the blog restricted to only those registered but doing so creates a fairly large barrier for my casual readers (family and friends). Having the blog updates emailed to them each week would be the perfect way to maintain my private family blog. I finally found a solution that I am satisfied with and has worked flawlessly so far.

MailPoet Newsletters (formerly Wysija) is my plugin of choice for this type of task. It has a premium version but the free version suits my needs just fine. I installed the plugin and was able to create a newsletter in a minute and send it out to a few test users. Now I can create ad-hoc newsletters and automated newsletters based on content being published to the blog. A big thanks to the MailPoet team that have created this sweet plugin.

Saying Goodbye To Branded Holdings

It’s with sadness  that it is time to say goodbye to Branded Holdings. The past year and a half have really been a game changer for me and my family. We have enjoyed living in Florida and I have really loved working with the great team at Branded Holdings. The team was able to accomplish so much this year but with the market having one of its hardest hit years, I was laid off.

I am grateful for the time I was able to spend at Branded Holdings and all that I was able to do and learn. I had the opportunity to do many things including

  • outsource projects
  • hire a team of developers
  • manage multi-million dollar websites
  • utilize the bootstrap framework and scss
  • become Google Analytics certified
  • A/B test to help increase revenue per visitor
  • learn MODX
  • direct web development projects

Adventure is out there!

I am now looking for a team to work with in the Puyallup, Tacoma, or Seattle area. I also have several business ideas that I would like to get started on along with some freelance work that I may pick up. If you know of a team looking for a web developer or you have web development work that you need done, let’s get in touch. You can find links to my linkedin profile and other online profiles at

Validating Bank Routing Numbers In JavaScript

Example code at

I have a test script at that I recently updated. I am having a hard time finding good documentation on it but ABA routing numbers that start with the number 5 are not valid. Routing numbers that start with 5 are internal bank routing numbers and are not valid for ACH transfers. Customers will often not realize that the routing number on their checks and the routing numbers on their bank deposit slips are different.

Here are the checks that I am doing in my JavaScript example:

  • routing number is a number
  • is 9 numbers in length
  • does not start with the number 5
  • checksum of routing number validates

For more information on the checksum for ABA routing numbers, check out wikipedia.

References for routing numbers starting with 5 being internal routing numbers:!topic/checkout-merchant/9XeAX4LAlqY